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Originally Posted by OneTennisParent View Post
My wife and I made a conscious decision to direct our children into sports that they could play at 80, and still have good scholarship potential if they were good. Football and gymnastics were out. I don't know any 30-year old gymnasts, and every 30+ football player I know is suffering physically. We take our sports seriously as much for the life-lessons, as the potential of a return on our investment through scholarships, so we win either way.
Good post overall but I have a different take on football and gymnastics. Yes, they are brutal sports with a high chance of injury. Yes, they are not sports for older adults to engage in. But many boys like to play football and many girls like gymnastics. When people are younger, this is the ONLY time for them to enjoy these sports. Why not let them enjoy those sports (if they want) at that age? They can take up other sports (e.g. tennis, golf, etc.) when they are older. The life lessons (competition, sportsmanship, work ethic, teamwork etc.) can be learned from a lot of sports, regardless of how long you can play that sport.
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