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Originally Posted by gplracer View Post
I have read a lot of posts and I have some comments. We all want the best for our kids. We all want the best for kids we hear about in the forum. That said, I find it interesting that we say play matches, no do not play matches. I find it interesting that we say the USTA is no good and not developing players. I find it interesting that some say to not play a lot of tournaments. I find it interesting that some say how many lessons are enough or not enough. And on and on and on….. THEN, we state that the chances of becoming a pro or a D1 college athlete are so small that we should not worry about such things. If the chances are so small (I believe they are) then what difference does it make? My kids play tennis because their dad (me) introduced them to the game. I play with them. I go to all of their tournaments with them and watch almost all of their matches. That is getting harder now that there is two playing and now going to different level tournaments. My kids like the friends they have met through tennis. They like going out of town and staying in a hotel with dad. (My younger son says he likes “hotel smell”) They like seeing the friends they have made all over a four state area when they get to the tournament. They play for the fun of it all. They also like to win too! They love to play in the USTA events. After all they got into tennis to compete. As a parent I want them to be the best they can be for sure. They do the lessons and the clinics and the USTA camps. But for many people it is not about developing a world class player. It is about having something they can enjoy with their kids and look back at the memories. I have a friend whose son played at Furman University and recently graduated. He told me he envied me. He said I was lucky to be at this stage of life where the kids are playing and traveling. For him that stage is over. I am sure something else will take its place but he says, “It was the best of times.” He told me when his son got in the car after the match, they never talked about the match. The discussion was always the same and it started with, “So I found three local barbeque places which one do you want to try?” Remember it is the journey not the end. It is not about how good or bad your kid is. It is about being with your kid. I feel lucky to be involved in tennis.
Great post. Thanks.
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