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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Glad you joined the hybrid club.

I also had a chance to try the Bow Brand Championship 17g as well as find it to be more like Pacific. It doesn't stretch as much as the original VS but it seems to play pretty well. If you can get it for a good price, it might be a good gut to go with that is slightly softer than Pacific if VS cost too much to justify the slight difference.

I find that VS original is worth it since with this hybrid setup, I am no longer breaking strings as fast as before when I use to string up a full bed of natural gut.

I have tried Scorpion and didn't really like how it felt in the crosses. It has a pingy feel to it which my top 3 do not have. SPPP was probably my top pick until I tried out those top 3 I listed. I will say Ltec 4S is pretty good at tension maintenance and is comparable to SPPP but offers less pingy fell. SPPP tends to go dead around 10 hours which I notice when it starts to ping. For me, this usually is what lets me know I need to restring the racquet.

I haven't tried Thunderstorm but heard good things about it but unless I heard from others how great it is, I think I am pretty much sticking to Ltec crosses until fellow TT members point out a new string that has potential.
Lux 4g 16. Like ltec 0s / 4s as a cross but thicker feeling on the ball. Soft as well. I believe 4g 16 will be a great cross for summer months.
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