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You don't have to be a pusher. If you want to play 4.0 tennis you have to learn how to hit the tennis ball right without making mistakes. As I see it, 4.0 and 4.5 are about not making mistakes while improving your strokes. At 4.0 it is worthless to try and hit winners off of every shot because you just don't have the capabilities at that level. You certainly don't want to fall into the pusher trap and start hitting moonballs and junk back, you want to be able to hit a decent shot back and in. It doesn't have to be a winner, it just has to be a decent rally shot. If you use the 4.0 level as a springboard to great strokes you will find that at 4.5 you can start adding more pace and honing in your precision and start playing more aggressively, but still the theme is to not make stupid unforced errors. In fact, that theme will follow you right up and through the pro ranks.

The difference between a good 4.0 and a 4.0 pusher is the good 4.0 has the strokes to keep the rally going all day if necessary, while eventually the junk of the pusher will create an error or a weak ball to attack.
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