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You are a lucky dad gplracer!!!! I also consider myself the luckiest dad. I know people in my neighborhood think im crazy because they see me and my kids on the court all the time. My daughter said to me the other day daddy why dont you have any friends. I said i dont need friends i have you and your brother and mommy and thats all i need. Soon as i get off work i drive home and pick up my kids and am with them playing until they go to sleep. I never had a father around when i was groing up and i think alot of my problems as an adult are because of that. I told my wife i have failed at everything i have ever done in life but i will not fail at being a parent. I thank god every day for my kids. I push them really hard in school as well as tennis because i belive if you do something you should give 100% !! Im sure some days my kids would rather come home from school and sit on the sofa and eat chips and watch t.v. because tennis everyday is hard. I tell them to be great you have to be different!!! I am not gonna lie i want more than anything for my kids to make it as professional tennis players,but if they dont thats o.k. because we have made memories that will last a lifetime.
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