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Could you please give me your opinion on which of the following racquets was the most arm friendly? The Pure Drive is a arm killer.

1. Donnay Formula 100
2. Volkl Organix v1 mid
3. Yonex VCORE 100 S

Also, are the Volkl Organix v1 mid and Volkl Power Bridge V1 Mid very similar?



Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post

Both Pure Drive versions were measured using our same RDC machine. I haven't hit with the 2011 version (but I did use a previous version about 6 years ago). I do know with the 2012 version that the 308 swingweight is right where I like those specs to be. It is very maneuverable and I had no trouble with stability against hard hitters.

On to serving question between the Donnay Formula 100 and Babolat Pure Drive 2012. I enjoyed serving with both racquets for different reasons. With the Babolat, I think I was serving the biggest I have ever served in my life. There was lots and lots of easy power. I was able to direct it to exactly were I wanted to go. The Donnay Formula 100 was also a joy to serve with. It was a little bit more comfortable to serve with. I didn't think I got as much power as the Pure Drive but enough to be adequately satisfied. I did notice I was able to hit a variety of serves better with the Donnay. I found I could hit slice and kick serves with confidence.

For me, the Yonex VCORE 100 S has the perfect combination of power and control. I was able to get power with ease whether I was on the offense or reaching for a ball on the defense (with of course some extra spin!). I absolutely loved this racquet on my serve. I was able to get a good mix of flat, powerful first serves and lots of spin for reliable second serves (basically the perfect combo of the Babolat and Donnay). When I picked up the racquet for the first time, I immediately felt comfortable with it.

Brittany, TW
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