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Originally Posted by Sreeram View Post
True, that is what even i felt, I never had any mishit problem with the demo, but the demo I played in a fast indoor court which is my strength. If we use damper on this racquet then it plays so different, the flex is not felt anymore. The racquet starts playing more muted and you feel an even flex.
Will give one more try soon by removing the lead tables, add a dampner and then replace the grip with Leather. Let me see how it plays now.
leather grip will just make it feel heavier in the handle and the overall racquet will feel more headlite which may actually add to your problem. Won't due anything for torsional stability. That's what lead at 3/9 is for.

I still say its technique and not the racquet, if you are hitting off center so often, then get a racquet with a larger sweetspot and possibly larger headsize. The Radical Pro is a "players racquet" meant for 4.5 and above.
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