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If you view the Ellenbecker video at minute 8 he describes the shoulder orientation to minimize impingement risk.

My interpretation

Consider first the line from one shoulder to the other and, second, the line of the upper arm bone, the humerus. It is OK to have a small angle such as 10 so that the upper arm bone is up 10 to the extended line between the shoulders. As you raise the arm higher the risk of impingement increases. If you are injured and tissue in the shoulder is swollen this advice to minimize the risk of impingement does not apply as it's more complicated.

Now look at image #12. My interpretation of Ellenbecker's advice is that your angle is small and OK. But it has to be so on all serves to keep away from impingement. You can also compare to servers on the internet or TV if you have a DVR [Digital Video Recorder].

(Pacific Lefty, have you taken a video of your new serve from this view?)

Another issue- I don't understand one point. You appear to never have very much knee bend but I believe that in image #12 you are off the ground (not certain). Your images are too slow to properly evaluate the serve so I guess you must do a quick, minimal, but powerful knee bend somehow between #11 & 12. Or maybe you bent your knees between 10 & 11 and did not show the frame?? Anyway, that knee bend adds stretch to your internal shoulder rotators (mostly lat & pec) and that internal shoulder rotation accelerates the racket head just before impact - ISR is the largest contributor to racket head speed. If you are not using enough knee bend maybe you are using other muscles and that makes your shoulder unstable. ? Somehow I believe that you have gotten off the ground with both feet by image #12??

If you have any golfer friends with Casio high speed video cameras or others it would show your complete motion. [Manual exposure control is the best to minimize motion blur but some Auto exposure HSV cameras might also select a fast shutter speed in direct sunlight.]

The time to work on your serve is not when you are injured.

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