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McLovin has it correct.

For the mid-priced guts:

#1 is Babolat Tonic+ BallFeel 16G
#2 is Pacific Classic 16G
#3 is Klip Legend 16G

Legend has the thinnest coating and is more difficult to string - it will kink/twist easily while stringing and with normal stringing some area may unravel a bit. In spite of the poor coating on Klip Legend, it still plays well.

Babolat Tonic+ BallFeel has a good coating and the best feel - soft with excellent control and spin.

Pac Classic is just a small bit behind Tonic+ - classic is not quite as durable and the coating is not quite as good. Also, plays a bit crisper.

I have not played the cheap guts - Titan, Global, Goucho, ...
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