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Originally Posted by mykoh View Post
i have a 95d (w/o mcore) and an 89t (w mcore) and i do find microcore makes the top of the hoop a little more responsive and it doesn't feel so bad when you hit a bit higher up the stringbed. that being said, it's a small difference and one that shouldn't really be a deciding factor.

the biggest change for me is the implementation of Xi in the new lines. do you mind playing with a squarer racquet?

anyway. really bummed there isn't anything 90-97sqi.
Thank you for the reply, it is very helpful. Does the mirco core stiffen the feel of the entire frame or does it really only affect the top of the string bed? I thought that the Vcore 100s was definitely more flexible feeling than a PDR, which is very stiff. I don't want something that is that stiff. The head shape may irritate me, lol. I did a quick demo with the xi 100 and it was a rocket launcher. Since I didn't hit with it long due to that I'm not sure if the shape of the head would interfere with my game or not.
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