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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
The most telling thing I heard in the fiasco USTA created for no reason is this- PMac has no relationship at all with his #1 player, TT. Doesn't talk to her, doesn't know her. Now he is publicly congratulating her. Throw in the mix that PMac makes over 1 million a year. This stuff is so outrageous you couldn't make a movie out of it because no one would believe it could actually happen!
He has to congratulate her. A lawsuit would have found unconstitutional discrimination based on appearance, but that would have been just the tip of the iceberg - the finances would be out in the open during the discovery process. How much did her USO travel expenses cost compared to how much the executives are paid? How was the decision made to bench her? All memos and emails will be subpoenaed and then all the hidden baggage over the years might have come out, possibly causing a flood of lawsuits. The organization might have come under judicial oversight and then bye-bye to giving each other awards and harassing top juniors. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of executives would have been sent to jail.

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