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Originally Posted by cluckcluck View Post
You're not anticipating the ball at all. It's almost as though you're waiting for it to reach the service line (on your side) before you start to move.
I would highly suggest working a lot on your foot work. Your game is decent, serve is nice. Though I would work on placing your serve to his weakness.
Though more than anything, working on anticipation and footwork...don't be lazy out there, move toward the ball!
can't agree more with you about my footwork, just a few thoughts about anticipation. I used to play badminton and I was tought that never to move before my opponent moves the contact. because badminton is full of change of directions at the last second. naturally I would think the same about tennis thus, never move to a perticular direction before the ball is hit by my opponent. am I wrong?

anyway, even though I had tried to anticipant, it was the first time I played this player, I know nothing about his stroke or habit, how can I anticipant?
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