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Originally Posted by BigGriff View Post
I already have an Alpha Apex 2 so I'm not too concerned about fan patterns. I can't remember the last time I strung a fan patterned stick? Hmm maybe about 2 years.

I won't need to modify a thing. I get a mint Neos 1k for 3 bills, the manual, and all the parts. All I need to do is calibrate and get to stringing. If I run into a fan patterned granny stick I have some nice Stringway Fliers for that.

I agree with you Dire on the cost effectiveness issues with modifying the Neos.
Hi, were you able to have your Wise Tension Head serviced? How much did it cost if you have it serviced. Mine also died and its out of warranty already. I just pulls around 10lbs.
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