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Originally Posted by tedescm1 View Post
I have two racquests which are Wilson Pro Opens. I had one strung with tonic and the other strung with titan. They are both 16 g and strung at 52 pounds.

I can't tell the difference between the two...they are very close.

I've used Titan many times as a cross to a friend's Kevlar. A few things about Titan:
- First, I'd never use it in the mains. It would likely break in one set, maybe two.
- Second, their gauge is not consistent throughout the string. I've seen "16g" go from 15L - 17 within 15ft.
- Third, no two packages seem alike, not only in gauge, but also in color. Some are clear, some are yellow.
So, Titan as a cheap cross is OK, but for the mains, I'd stay away from it.
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