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Originally Posted by ced View Post
Hit with the TC100 this morning ... racquet played well , no noticeable noise or vibration as long as hits were in the "sweet spot" ..... off-center hits were a little bothersome, but not nearly as much as I feared !

Paul has been in daily contact with me since I first reported this odd condition, and I'm sure we will work this out.

I will say it is one beautiful stick.
How will you work it out? A frame has vibration or it doesn't. You can put lead or silicone and dampen it, but I don't see how you can "work it out."

BTW, though we like to make fun of big racket manufacturers, they do perform extensive vibration tests in the lab on each model, starting from the mathematical model in the design phase and continuing after prototypes become available. They also get feedback from players throughout the process. That is why modern frames have become so comfortable.
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