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Default Titan....

I've also noticed the variation of the titan thickness. The 16g looks more like 15 g......I've used it on the entire bed and it seems to hold up. But then I'm older and do not hit the ball real hard.

Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
I've used Titan many times as a cross to a friend's Kevlar. A few things about Titan:
- First, I'd never use it in the mains. It would likely break in one set, maybe two.
- Second, their gauge is not consistent throughout the string. I've seen "16g" go from 15L - 17 within 15ft.
- Third, no two packages seem alike, not only in gauge, but also in color. Some are clear, some are yellow.
So, Titan as a cheap cross is OK, but for the mains, I'd stay away from it.
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