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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Look at the video referenced in post #7.

EDIT: I have also heard of people putting finger nail polish on the string but that creates other problems. I think if you heat up the tip it will melt it some and give it a bit more body.
Originally Posted by jim e View Post
I really don't use that type of string.
But a thought, have you ever squeezed it flat and then cut to a sharp point, then use a little super glue, and just a little, then spray it with with the super glue accelerator. The accelerator will set it up immediately,and would then be stiffer on the end to push through. One time I had to resort to that tip, and it did work, but then again it was with nat. gut and not kevlar, so I know 1st hand this does work with nat. gut on a blocked hole that had 2 strings blocking the grommet hole. May be worth a try with kevlar.
I only have one client who uses kevlar (Ash. Crossfire II), and indeed it is in the mains. Thank goodness it is, otherwise I don't really see how I could string it without using a pathfinder. I did consider the heating idea, but based on how it's made (it's braided), even if the tip is hardened, the part you will push on will still be supple. Thankfully I don't have any kevlar cross or full kevlar clients, so I don't have to worry about blocked crosses, but the thought did crop up even when trying to tie off a main (Head Radical 18*20, throat tie-off is fed in an X versus a V for the cross tie offs...if you know what I mean).
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