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I'm not describing any elaborate heel toe weight transfer. if your foot is flat and push off on the ball you are doing the weight transfer. so every walking moment this happens. however, in that flat state people put different amount of weight on the heel side. in terms of static posture it's better to rest most of the weight on the heels without leaning front. when posture becomes dynamic people tend to over do things that are taught to be good like staying on the balls of your feet. for moving around that's good esp shuffle steps, but when setting feet for any stroke where you have to transfer force from the ground heel is important connection between ball of the foot and the rest of the body.

if you are already high level player with great movement and consistency and power, most likely your feet are very stable in motion. however not every one of them realize how thier feet are controlled. there's no hram in bringing this into the light as some could benefit from it.
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