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Originally Posted by Mongolmike View Post
Ok... just conversationally tho... couldn't/wouldn't the wax be imparted onto the ball as a foreign substance? And what is the limit to what a person could apply to the strings before it was deemed illegal? Grease? Apply super glue then sprinkle some sort of grit onto the glue?

I understand WHY wax would help maintain the natural gut, I'm just curious/surprised that it is allowed to be applied AFTER it is strung. Again, not trying to be a jerk, just wondering.
Its all good Mongolmike, Im not the right person to know if its illegal or not. I do it like you said "to maintain the natural gut". But what i can said is that doenst add anything to playability, doesnt make "spin more the ball" or any of that mumble jumble. Its just make the gut more durable.
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