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Originally Posted by 3fees View Post
Yes,,colleges do look at high school players,,some send scouts to HS matches,they usually show up for local league finals-varsity,place high in State ranking, State tennis tournament and you'll chat with a few,,otherwise you convince a coach of a college- jr,Div 1 or Div 2 that ya have what it takes and get in that way,,or try out when the team is forming and make it that way,3 ways are better than 2 ect.

Yes local colleges will send out scouts to HS section or state championships
however most if not all those players are that good because theyve played
against good players.usually lots of USTA matches(I cant remember one singles player that wasnt a USTA player in our HS section champs)
Bottomlines are ability, potential, personality, team needs(openings)
High rankings can get you to the stage to be seen
Play as many matches and USTA matches practice, train on and off court (run)
as you can wherever you are
get good
some people make videos
have it supervised and or reviewed by a tennis pro
this also may get to the stage but you'll still need to perfom live
Contact schools you are interested in (start locally)
sample different levels of schools
find out which schools ARE open to looking at you play
read up on what college coaches look for
it is all over the net
look at/join see which schools are recruiting
lower stars (ones and twos) etc
see what type of school YOU are looking for public, private,large, small
has a football/basketball team ,doesnt, cirriculum, setting,location
While you probably wont get athletic financial assistance ( schools only get/give 4 1/2 mens scholarships/yr) there is usually need based academic scholarships, which are a lot easier to get if you have decent/good grades
Also, if you get cant make a college team most major schools have NCAA campus squads that play other schools and intramural teams chock full of high school players
Good Luck
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