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I have one client that does use full Gamma Infinity. I knew before I ever started that I would have trouble with any blocked holes so I told him it would have to be one piece using and ATW pattern. He did not care, so I use a short side ATW pattern and pre run the short side so there are no blocked holes.

it is a 16 main racket that skips 7&9 H&T. The only place I have somewhat of a blocked hole is at 9T. The short side string goes from 10T to 7T and from 7T to 10T on the other side. This partially blocks 9T on both sides but the string going from 6T to 8T on both sides keeps half of 9T open so it is not so bad.

EDIT: BTW when I heated the tip I heated about 1" so I could push on the string.
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