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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Listen Taylor we would like you not to play these upcoming events we want you to get in better shape you can do well at the next level !

Well to bad I am going to play them and you better pay my way !

Is that how it went ?

I wasnt there .

BTW it isnt about tough love its about truth and what is best for the athlete who is dedicating their life to the sport ,, the tough love should come from the parents but doesnt seem like they have that for by the looks of her and no I am not being mean i want to see her make it at the next level .
Coach, we understand you have an interest here. The USTA hands out wildcards to tournaments, such as the USOpen. Your player was the recepient of such a wildcard. That is the problem. The USTA has so much power, no player can openly criticize them. You used to be a critic of the USTA. You can't afford to be now. As Tom Cruise said in "Tropic Thunder", even a nutless monkey knows something was really wrong here.
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