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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
I was making a dig at the poor misquoted chaps. I've said from the start too that the end of a calendar does not imply the end of the world. However, no one was listening. Your link reminded me of NIBIRU (lol) or whatever. We had a serious thread on that with HAFA propounding Nibiru.

Now the dooms-dayers are saying the world won't end, but we'll go into a new era, an awakening, higher dimension, we'll meet with higher dimensional beings (my sides and hurting as i type this), and some of us will ascend to a higher dimension.

I love (read: retch at) the pseudo-scientific terminology they use: inter-dimensional beings, Theo a sixth-dimensional being, etc.

So the nuts will just reinvent themselves and go on. Actually, most already have just in case.

I agree with you, it seems that the people that believe in these theories manage to ignore tons of scientific based research, common sense, and rational thought; and cling to an idea that was gathered through misunderstandings, or false evidence. And who cares if they don't have actual evidence, they can just say that the government is intentionally hiding all evidence, for some unknown reason. This quote, talking about the Denver airport conspiracy, is so true when it comes to the conspiracy theories -

"This illogical contradiction is common in conspiracy thinking: It's a carefully-hidden top-secret plot that no one is supposed to know about—except that the conspirators made sure to leave important clues so the public would know about it." (
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