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I didn't play tennis as a kid but I was a top go cart racer. I proudly remember winning races & some of the huge trophies I got for winning big races.

What I remember most was the long drives with my father & brother to all of the different tracks. My father pretending the car was running out of gas & getting us to fill up the glove box with all of the garbage/paper in the car as fuel (lol, he was a smart man) and playing all of the silly I spy with my little eye games. Good times for sure.

That being said I also loved when it was track time & ready to fire up the carts with my older brother & show him who was boss and work some lap times & adjust engine/cart w Dad to get a wining time. We were a winning team & a force to be reckoned with, we raced hard & were serious when it came to preparing for the race & our results reflected this well.

Win or lose the ride back was always just as fun as the ride there (with or without the huge trophies). Not much talk of what went wrong but emphasis on what I did well & some things to maybe work on & consider if I thought it would help (my father put the ball in my court if you will).

In the end I think balance is key with an emphasis on fun. In the end if the experience of playing tennis isnt fun anymore they will drop it as soon as they are able when they get older.

Thanks for the thread, it brought back a lot of great memories for me

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