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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
something like this is usually too trivial to mention in a tennis instruction
I see references to loading on the ball or inside of the foot all the time. So why would instruction to load on the heel be considered too trivial? Some of those pay instruction sites go into extreme detail and often include articles by sports physicians and professionals in biomechanics etc and they talk about which muscles, forces, tension, SSC, balance, position of this and that, timing, firing sequence, joint angles etc. Where to specifically load the weight is not trivial.

If loading on the heel was utilized then forehands today would look different than they do now. The technique would have evolved such that elite players would have very pronounced heel to toe transfers and they would start every forehand with a very noticeable toe pointing up to squeeze every ounce of benefit from the weight transfer just as athletes do in other sports that use heel to toe where you can clearly see it being utilized and their weight continues in that direction and every kid would be hitting fh's with their toe pointing up in imitation.

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