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There was this poor kid who played basketball and with his own words and his friends,they said he would practise as much as 8 hrs a day till night time , what a waiste he spent all that time trying to "get it " poor poor Mike Jordan of the Bull wonder with all those hrs did he ever "get it"??????

So if he had "it" why practise so much ,I believe by his own stupidity he got himself in great shape not knpowing it . It is was separates the best from the rest the "work ethic" that's "it"
It wasn't all those hours on the court that made him 6'-6" tall. I guess he just chose good parents.

sorry, it's nature and nurture. You have to have won the gene pool lottery and work hard, no doubt about the second part. And while plenty of 6-9 guys don't make it, maybe cause they don't work hard enough, 10,000 hours of me practicing on a basketball court and I'm still not going to be in the NBA. Same with tennis. Got have it and work hard. Just having "it" or Just working hard is not enough.

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