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Although Federer's quality of play wasn't as good in 2007 as it was in 2004 or 2005, does his positive h2h against Nadal that year give it some bonus points? 2007 was the only year in he win he won more matches than he lost against Nadal, winning 3 out of their 5 encounters and beating him on 3 different surfaces.

Lendl's 1986 is a pretty underrated season. He won Roland Garros, the US Open, the Masters, other big titles at Boca West, Philadelphia, Milan (a very strong indoor event at the time) and Rome, and was a Wimbledon finalist. He won 74 matches out of 80 that year. I'm not saying it is the greatest season or anything, but it was still an amazing year. I personally think it tops Wilander's 1988 for instance.

Ranking Borg's 3 great years from 1978-1980 is pretty difficult.

You can argue that statistically 1980 was the best year of his career, given that he won RG, Wimbledon and the Masters, and was the runner-up at US Open, plus he won his home tournament at Stockholm.

However I personally think that he played his best tennis in 1979. He won 13 titles in total. Mac did win their big final in Dallas, but on numerous occasions that year he destroyed both Mac and Connors and made them look completely helpless, which was no mean feat.
Thanks for posting about Ivanīs great 86, I feel it is one of the best pro seasons ever.

As for Borg, in 78 took Rome,Paris and London and made the New York finals while in 79, he won the Masters, a bigger event than the Italian Open and reached the WCT finals which were big but not as much as the USO final he reached in 78.

In 1980, he won Masters,Roland Garros and Wimbledon ( for the third consecutive Channel Slam) and played the USO finals, so 1980 might have been a bit better...still, I donīt think he played as well as in 1979, which IMo was the year he reached his peakest level.
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