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Federer might be the greatest of all time, yes, but this list is sensationalist tripe and I don't see why anybody would use it to bolster the claim that Federer is the greatest. I don't know about a serious tennis historian that would rank Gonzales below players like Emerson, or Emerson at 11 when he wasn't even in the top 5 (maybe not even top 8 ) of his own era.

There's a difference -- a huge one -- between journalist and historian. It doesn't matter how "expertly" these guys are, if they have little knowledge of half the guys they are ranking.
Exactly. Given such absurdities of the list as Emerson being at 11 and Gonzales being at only 22 I would love to see a list of this supposed group of experts, historians, former players, etc....It wouldnt surprise me if the list included people like Jon Wertheim, Luke Jensen, Mary Carillo, Peter Bodo, Ted Robinson, Bill Mcatee, and ex greats who have are well known to have fried their brains with excessive and dangerous high drug use since their playing days- Borg and Wilander.
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