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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
I watched more tennis in the 70īs than now, so I now what I am talking about.I didnīt think so to please your stubborn passion for Rosewall.I admire Rosewall as I admire Laver but still no player is perfect and themselves will aknowledge that ( both classy sportsmen)

IMO, the peakest Laver surpasses peakest Rosewall but it is fair to assume that records will tell that Rosewall had much better results than Laver, and the two Dallas finals were probably the biggest matches from 1970 to 1975 or 1976, as I recall.
I agree mostly. I think I don't have a stubborn passion for Rosewall. I just try to defend him against wrong arguments and against those who praise Laver but neglect Rosewall. Of course both players are giants of the game and worthy to be praised.

But should I discuss with a man who does not include Rosewall in the top ten and who back this his opinion with "arguments" like Laver was No.1 though 1973? ATP has Laver at place 8, Tingay at place 7...
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