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Originally Posted by 0d1n View Post
ROFL. Good goal. I don't have a winning record against her, but
I can proudly say I've beaten an ITF junior girl currently ranked in the top 30ish. She's 16 now, and I've beaten her 2-3 years ago. She still has more wins over me since we continued to play until I was in over my head playing against her. A few months is a HUGE difference for these juniors sometimes, even though that amount of time doesn't really matter for me.
I would probably struggle to win games from her now...and most of our matches would probably be 12-0 in her favor. I don't know EXACTLY how I would do since it is needless to say her coach doesn't bother asking me for match-play against her anymore since she's WAY past my level currently and is training against male juniors...some of which already have ATP points.
I'll stick to 12-14 year olds...and even some of those are tough. A very good 13-14 year old boy with chances to "make it pro" will more often than not allow me 1-3 games per match...tops. On a faster surface I'd do better, but on clay it's tough against these super trained tennis machines. They just don't miss the way us "rec players" do, they are way too well trained for that.
you must be a very weak player. Everybody knows that a 4.0 male would have a very close match with A. Radwanska, so beating a 16year old junior girl should be no problem
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