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Like I said, the game is a lot more professional now. The general standard of play is now higher.
You are entitled your opinion but in the context of their own times which is all we can compare the 69 field was way tougher than the 2006 field. The 2006 field was basically the midst of another brief transition era with Safin and Hewitt DONE, and I mean 110% done as any kind of contender, Roddick on decline and never consistently at his 2003-2005 level ever again and barely a slam contender anymore, Ferrero and Coria long done, Agassi retiring, and Djokovic and Murray nobodies on the scene at that point, Nadal still only a clay courter despite his at that point fluke Wimbledon final (Robby Kendrick a qualifier should have beaten him in straight sets at Wimbledon that year). The 1969 field has atleast 5 players who rate in the top 25 players of all time today. Blake and Davydenko were the 3rd and 4th best players in the World in 2006. There simply is no comaprision.
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