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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I agree with all that, and that is why I said I found her closest comparision to Hingis. Both similarily were also swept aside and had their careers prematurely ended by the upgrade in the power game at one point, Hana in 87 onwards when the new graphite racquets began to produce either the huge power or heavy topspin games of Graf, Seles, Sabatini, Sanchez Vicario, and Hingis by the Williams led ball busting squad.
Very true, but Martina coped very well with the 2 Williams,Seles and, to a lesser extent, with Davenport and Mary Pierce´s power.She was just so smart and talented, and she was the real last good volleyer on the women´s tour (Davenport was also great at the net and so was Kournikova, martina´s great doubles mate)

As for Hana, give her a medium powered racket, and she´ll crass anytime Sabatini and Sanchez ( if inspired enough of course, otherwise it is not Hana).Not so sure, of course, against Seles.She also had some sort of complex against Graf, too.
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