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Interesting account but it raises one question for me: how was Hoad able to take an even greater lead on Pancho (13-5) the following year?[/QUOTE]

First, in the 1958 US Pro final, Hoad led two sets to none and was closing out the match when he pulled thigh muscles, which not only cost him the match, but continued to bother him on the tour.
Hoad himself used the same grip for ALL strokes, and did not have to shift forehand to backhand shots.
In 1959, Hoad paced himself better than in 1958, and when he led the series with Gonzales 13-5, and felt his back beginning to bother him, he coasted to rest his back, winning 15-13, and playing over 150 matches on the year.
In the two 1959 world championship tours, his combined record was 76 wins and 33 losses, against the toughest lineup of pros ever assembled. That is a 70% success rate, comparable to what Kramer and Gonzales achieved on their lopsided tour wins.

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