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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I agree with all that, and that is why I said I found her closest comparision to Hingis. Both similarily were also swept aside and had their careers prematurely ended by the upgrade in the power game at one point, Hana in 87 onwards when the new graphite racquets began to produce either the huge power or heavy topspin games of Graf, Seles, Sabatini, Sanchez Vicario, and Hingis by the Williams led ball busting squad.
And this is the same pile of manure Williams fans spew since the day Hingis has retired from tennis the first time.

Explain how Hingis got "swept aside" by "power tennis" even though she has winning or competitive records against these "power players". You would think if she truly couldn't hang with them, she would at least have a decisive losing record against ONE of them. She doesn't. Yet she was "swept aside" by them.

Federer has a worse record against Nadal than Hingis has against any of those "big hitters". Yet I am certain that if he retired today, nobody would believe that he was swept aside by him.

Hingis remained the #1, won numerous titles (the YEC among them) and reached slam finals during the supposed peak of "power tennis". How is that possible?

She beat a Venus Williams, who was at the peak of her powers, in major tournaments. More than once. Sometimes she even embarrassed her. In the matches that she lost, she always pushed her even on surfaces that didn't suit her at all (Wimbledon 2000 QF), sometimes even to the brink of defeat. (USO 2000 SF)

Even Venus, who was in the heart of her prime couldn't beat her decisively in slams, on the contrary, she got embarrassed (AO 2001) and occasionally had to rely on massive chokes on Hingis' part to win. (again USO 2000)

Now, I am not the type of guy to regard chokes as victories. However, it is telling that many of Hingis' losses during that period only came after ginourmous chokes. If she truly couldn't handle the power of the new generation, she would never ever get in the position to choke in the first place. For the purpose of your claim, almost winning is sufficient, as it disproves your claim that the Williams and co's power was just too much for her. Did Graf's power only start working after Hingis was serving for the match? Did Venus power only start working when Hingis was about to put that smash away? Did Capriati's power only start working after Hingis had 4 matchpoints?

Serena is a different story. I have no proof that Hingis would be competitive with her during her peak (02-03) However, the same can be said for just about anyone on the tour back then and maybe in history. Do I have to remind you that peak Serena was a vastly superior player to even the one demolishing the current tour? Peak Serena being superior to her proves little about Hingis' ability to win slams in the new millenium.

You may continue.
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