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Originally Posted by rafazx10 View Post
Well, I stopped playing a few years ago, and just before summer i started hitting with my friend, I manage to hurt my wrist and didnt play all summer.

A few weeks ago i was good again and we have been playing basically everyday.

I never went after rating myself, but seems like a lot of people do that, and it is a good way to find same level players for you to play against.

I have nothing but a two min video of us warming up, so id like o make a video so you guys could see and help me out with this rating deal.

I figure I should have the camera positioned behind me and have some warming up, and some match playing correct?

What else, and in average how long of a video should i make?

Good news for you!! The kind of video you need to make will automatically tell you your level, even if you don't turn the camera on!!

That is, the only video that would matter would be you playing a match you cared about. But if you were to play such a match, the result of it would tell you your level without anyone having to witness the match itself.

Go play a 3.5
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