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I started with that book ("Pain Free") but quickly realized that I had more issues than I felt the book could successfully address, and that my situation was somewhat complex, so I started making the 3 hour drive to get to the San Diego clinic for personal therapy. That's what I used to restore postural balance and functional integrity.

Re over-pronation, that will absolutely cause calf issues, particularly to the medial (inside) portion of your calf complex. But from my clinical experience, pronation or supination is rarely a foot/ankle problem, per se. It's almost always the hip putting the foot into a compromised position. To see this at work, stand up in bare feet wearing shorts so you can see your shin bone and your knee. On that one leg, stand in an overly-pronated position, so the outside of your foot is almost coming off the ground. Now, watch your shin bone and knee closely as you come out of that and settle the foot more evenly into the ground. See what just happened? Your entire leg rotated from the hip.

People tend to think (including many podiatrists) that pronation or supination is simply a foot problem, and that the answer is to use orthotics to 'shim' up the foot back into a more neutral position. That will invariably and inevitably cause more problems than it remedies. The problem is not that the foot is tilted incorrectly. The problem is WHY the foot is tilting incorrectly, and that problem could be many different things. Impossible to tell without a thorough assessment.
Just curious, if its the hip (and when I strained my calf/upper quad in early march, my physical therapist did say then that my right hip was weak), then would you think simply hip strengthening exercises could "re-correct" or "re-align" the tilting leg?

Also, if its not the hip, what other possibilities would there be?

ETA - seen my pt and orthopedist since my last posts. Despite the fact I'm not having any back pain complaints, both are convinced the root of my calf issues finds its origins in a back injury to my discs over 10 years ago, with discs at two lower levels in the lumbar pinching nerves, in turn causing leg weakness and making calves vulnerable to repetitive strains.

Posture Guy - is that something u would have considered as a possibility?

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