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Originally Posted by subz View Post
How arrogant of you ! Instead of focusing in how good Pakistan bowl you suggest that Australia just wanted to get 112. Pakistan has the three best bowlers in the T20 format: Ajmal, Afridi and Gul.
Australians never want to lose, they just got outplayed today.
I guess you would now suggest that SA. knowing that they were out, only wanted to make 122 to kick India out ?
So you honestly think if Australia were going for 149 they would just take singles and coast along to 117? They may get bowled out but they wouldn't bat the overs for just 117 they made sure they did enough to qualify while put India in serious trouble!

Did you not see how Hussey celebrated for reaching 112 even though they were losing! 112 was clearly their target not 149!

South Africa unlike Australia were trying to win the game as any team should in such a big event!
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