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I am a big fan of all three of those racquets (plus the Pure Drive). For me, the Volkl Organix V1 Mid was probably the most comfortable with the Donnay Formula 100 being a very close second. That being said, I think the Organix V1 is definitely on the lighter side and would need some weight added (I found a lack in stability due to the lack of weight). Donnay Formula 100 feels very similar to the Pure Drive but with a ton of comfort and I thought it was a very comparable racquet. I obviously have a soft spot in my heart for the Yonex VCORE 100 S as it meets all my tennis needs and while is the least comfortable out of the three, I definitely find it more comfortable than the Pure Drive ( I have mine strung currently with a full bed of poly). Let me know if you have any more questions.

Hope that helps.

Brittany, TW
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