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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
The issue I have is doing it perfect, at match speed, ad nauseum. I could spend the next ten years doing BH work and would get a negligible result.

Even Fed's BH breaks down on him and I am nowhere near as skilled or fit as him. In fact, laziness is probably my simple issue.

Fed's BH return is actually very good for a one-hander. His slice BH return is extremely consistent and he gets the ball deep near the baseline almost every time.

However, since we're basically talking about doubles here, try this as a hint: Wait for the service return holding your BH grip, choked up slightly (maybe 1 inch), with your body rotated slightly towards the backhand side as if you are expecting a backhand return. If the ball comes to your FH, you have to change grips, but that's the price you pay for anticipating the BH return.

If you're not waiting for the BH return, you're really at a disadvantage, especially if you have a one-hander. Give it a try.
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