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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
But do you hit flat?

Yes, stringing poly at super low tensions can only help and using a heavy racquet always helps, too.
BP, I agree with you that any poly is still stiffer than most multis... until I tried PS Energy. I string with a dropweight and PS Energy stretches like "some" multis do on there... not on par with "soft multis", but it stretches like No Other poly...

I loved the string, but hated the fact that it would go from glorious in the first couple hours to horrendous after about hour 4-5. It really does drop tension and becomes a launcher, also like no other poly (most others become stiff, and brick-like over time).

I finally settled on Pacific Gut 16L main/ WC Mosquito Bite cross setup. MBite plays soft and compliments gut well, as it neither gets harsh like some polys (lux) nor trampoline-ish like Energy over time. I hit flat with a 12.5 oz 18x20 flexy frame from 1995. I'm in the camp that would play full gut if I could afford, so Gut/MBite is the closest I've found "feel-wise", and the setup has up to 3x durability as full gut, with a bit better control and no noticeable loss of comfort.

For a 'feel' oriented poly, MBite has an edge on PS Energy, in my experience. PS Energy also didn't pair well with gut like MBite did, for me.

Full PS Energy though is great for those willing to restring every 4-5 hours, who don't want to use gut... it's cost effective for self-stringers and plays great when fresh (PS Turbo has same feel & longevity as Energy, with more spin for those wanting that).
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