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Originally Posted by JT_2eighty View Post
BP, I agree with you that any poly is still stiffer than most multis... until I tried PS Energy. I string with a dropweight and PS Energy stretches like "some" multis do on there... not on par with "soft multis", but it stretches like No Other poly...

I loved the string, but hated the fact that it would go from glorious in the first couple hours to horrendous after about hour 4-5. It really does drop tension and becomes a launcher, also like no other poly (most others become stiff, and brick-like over time).

This is exactly right. Unfortunately, I absolutely LOVE the power, feel, and control of the PS Energy, despite the short lifespan, so I find myself having to restring quite often. I totally agree that it goes from "I've found Heaven!" to "This stuff sucks!" almost instantly when you hit the 6-hour mark (sometimes less).

And yes, at the 6-hour mark, the spin potential drops like a rock and the power level goes off the charts, which is 180-degrees opposite of just about every other poly I've ever used. But up until then, the performance is absolutely unreal.

However, most other polys just plain "suck" after 8 hours or so anyway. They lose their pop, the spin potential goes downhill, and they start to hurt your arm. So, for the sake of losing a couple hours' worth of playtime, I prefer to restring a little sooner with PS Energy and cradle my arm in sheer bliss for the next 6 hours on the court.
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