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Originally Posted by Sanglier View Post
I hope I am not hijacking this thread with my questions below, but I don't want to start a new Yamaha thread when there are already two running side by side.

I just picked up this interesting racquet, which was unknown to me previously.

According to the small print on the side of the shaft, it is a member of the YFG series. Yet this racquet has obviously nothing in common with the earlier (mostly) fiberglass models. It is extremely light for its vintage (10.25 ounces strung), and alarmingly svelte (see comparison with a YFG-30 and a Secret); the beam is only 14 mm wide and 9 mm thick. It is by far the most delicate-looking full length (27 in) composite frame I've ever held. Add to that a perfectly "round" grip (even more so than those on the other Yamahas, and curiously labeled as both a "3" and a "4 1/2"; unless the "3" has something to do with the frame weight), and it almost feels like this thing was made for something other than tennis.

Can one of the vintage mavens here tell me what's the story behind this frame? Did the YFG series keep going past this point? Or does this represent a dead end? And what's with the escutcheon above the grip?

TIA for any input!
Looks like a squash bat to me...along the lines of the Dunlop 200G. What's the head size?
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