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Hanna was better than Martina at the baseline and better than Chris at the net.She could beat Chris from the backcourt, as she did at the 1981 FO, on Evert´s favourite sruface and tournament, and she could beat playing S&V Martina, as she did at the 1981 Wimbledon event (Navratilova´s best surface) or the 1985 USO final ( one of the best matches I ever saw, and I have seen a lot of big time tennis).

But, she never had the ambition of Martina and the mental toughness of Evert.last time I watched a player of that caliber, it was Hingis, who lacked some of Hana´s penetrating FH but surpassed her in the mental toughness department ( as well as overall strategy).

There was never a match I rooted against Mandlikova, she was a very special breed even if she behaved like a jerk sometimes.
At her best, she could beat anyone, on any surface. She was the female version of Johnny Mac....immensely talented and a lot of fun to watch.

But, if she was off just a bit, she could not hold up against Chris or Martina
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