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In your face, ChicagoJack! JK, I appreciate the info and as you say it's all just lab testing anyway.
Originally Posted by scotus View Post
Sorry to bring back up this slightly dated thread.

But it seems that Dunlop Black Widow has been retested by TW University, and different numbers are showing with the new stiffness rating much higher than before.

With medium tension and medium swing speed, I am getting the stiffness of 220 for the 16 gauge.

Even on the arm-friendliness ranking, Black Widow seems to have gone down quite a bit with stiffness rated at 193.

Does anyone know whether Black Widow has been reformulated recently? Or how else to interpret this change?
Good eye! I copied the TWU string database some time ago for my own reference and notes now I am seeing some differences. Competition 1.20 is 3lbs softer on the current chart for example.
Astonishingly, MSV Focus Hex 17L has gone from a very soft 208 to an armbreaking 242 now! WHOA
But now its total tension loss is an amazingly low 15lbs whereas before it was 27lbs.

And RPM Blast is now showing tension loss of only 10.8lbs, which is like natural gut territory.
[For reference, I always use high tension and fast swing speed.]

I wonder if the person or people in charge could shed some light on what the story is.
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