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Originally Posted by peoplespeace View Post
Yes hopefully! I know that ur serve is better than the clips u uploaded a couple yrs ago, but ive seen many futures and it is rare that u see a player who has a serve that makes u think that that is his weakest link, thats what i meant. Gl, may the progress be with u!

Originally Posted by peoplespeace View Post
Why not!? Use ur fantasy! Lets say that in one year i improve so much that the new me would beat the old me 6-1 6-1 on average. With me so far?! Good! Lets say then that after one more year, i have again improved so much that i would again beat my former me by 6-1 6-1 on avarege. Got it??

Me1 is beaten 6-1 6-1 by me2 and me2 is beaten by me3 by 6-1 6-1....on avarege! And if i keep improving me3 will be beaten by me4 6-1 6-1 etc etc until approximately me7 becomes a top 10 atp player!
mmmmmm..........will you let us know when you are able to return your own serves?
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