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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Regarding 1970 to 1974: Rosewall reached 8 out of 8 major SFs while Laver reached 0 out of 6....
But Rosewall's number here is not correct. He made the semis in 8 of 10 majors in that time period, losing in the second round at the '72 USO and '73 AO.

On the overall subject, I think Laver's commitment to his family was one of the key issues. Here's something in the NY Times in May '74, which explains why he missed all the Slam events that year:
He won't play again until August, passing up Wimbledon and other tournaments while concentrating on his tennis camps and his family.

At 35, Laver said, a time comes when a man must make choices.

"I feel fine and I think I'm playing as well as ever, now that I've got my timing back," he said, "but other things become more important than playing in every possible tournament."
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