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Originally Posted by heumy View Post
Currently I'm watching the Youzhny vs Haas 1st round matchup at the China Open, and he's throwing his racquet all over the place, swearing very loudly at times (I'm surprised he didn't get a warning). For a supposed 'nice guy', wondering why he is throwing such fits?
Are you new to tennis? (No, you aren't).

1. Tommy is not always a nice guy. He is most of the time, but I have seen him be straight up rude to fans. Yes I know that none of the players are perfect, but Tommy can be quite a b*tch sometimes.

2. He's always been a bit bonkers on court, especially when Red was coaching him. He kept up a regular dialogue with him during matches, usually with a lot of swearing. When he's really in a bad mood he speaks German so that he doesn't get in as much trouble. I don't know why, but I kind of love him for it, but I hate it when it distracts him and he loses because of it.
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