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Originally Posted by tonygao View Post
can't agree more with you about my footwork, just a few thoughts about anticipation. I used to play badminton and I was tought that never to move before my opponent moves the contact. because badminton is full of change of directions at the last second. naturally I would think the same about tennis thus, never move to a perticular direction before the ball is hit by my opponent. am I wrong?

anyway, even though I had tried to anticipant, it was the first time I played this player, I know nothing about his stroke or habit, how can I anticipant?
Badminton uses a **** (snap) of the wrist. Very easy to change directions. In tennis, once you've started, you can't change it.

Anticipation comes with match play. Once you've played enough players, you'll know what they tend to do in certain situations. It just comes.

You didn't do too badly in the video. You just played too carefully. WAY TOO carefully. You're serving at 40% strength, and many ground strokes were just tapping it back. You have to increase the intensity, and you have to find out how hard you can go and keep the ball in play. You can't give it 100%, because shots will go out too often. Tennis is about playing 70-80% strength. (but 100% running, and 100% everything else. Just 70% strength)
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