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Originally Posted by nabrug View Post

Why do you want to convince 5263 (and other amatures)? He is a very part time teacher. I am a full time professional who can hit almost every pro stroke. All your observations about the serves and ball trajectories are correct. The MTM observations (up, across and ?) are so naive. Maybe that happens but is so general that you can maybe help an intermediate player. It is not describing the far more complex arm and racket action of the pro's. I am making models of these actions. It is as naive as the Smart Targets System which is already a system and what you can buy next year.

I like your thoughts and studying. Please continue. Answer people like 5263 once and than let them think what they want to think.
Iím retired engineer and have too much free time. But, my brain cannot quit working. So, to keep it busy and happy I decided to analyze tennis strokes from engineer point of view. This is really fun for me.
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