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Originally Posted by Mongolmike View Post
Sorry to butt in, but that sounds like good, practical advice. My one hand BH return is decent, but any advantage is good advice. Thanks.

Yeah, unfortunately I had to figure it out for myself. I realized that it was tougher to find the proper BH grip on such short notice during the return, but it was easier to find the proper FH grip, so I just started waiting with a full BH grip all the time. My returns dramatically improved. But now, I tend to try to "pick" my opponents serve a bit more, so sometimes I wait with a FH grip. If the ball comes to my BH, then I generally decide to slice it back, as it's easier for me to find a continental grip on my BH in a pinch. Besides, as a deuce-court player, sometimes I slice a lob down the line for a return in doubles, which puts pressure on a right-handed server, as he has to backpedal into the corner of the ad side to retrieve the lob. So it actually works out in my favor most of the time.

Anyway, it's helpful to be prepared with a BH grip before actually receiving the serve to save time on the grip change, especially if you're a one-hander. It helps to anticipate the BH return. Expect it. You'll be much better off.
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